Mahogany Studio opened for business in 2009 with the goal of capturing the full warmth and depth of acoustic & electric instruments and the human voice (I've been known to record the voices of cats and dogs as well...). Since opening, the studio has catered to folk, country, rock, classical, and jazz artists. The first full album was completed in September 2010 - singer/songwriter Mark Pearson's "Following The Light". That was soon followed by an album by vocalist Mari Green which features a diverse range of musical styles from jazz to Broadway. Both projects utilized the many talents of Ted Brancato, engineer and owner of Mahogany Studio. Ted served as arranger and played piano and keyboards on both projects. Now that the word is out, Mahogany has an ever growing client list ranging from simple voice-overs to full blown musical productions utilizing strings, horns and percussion.

Mahogany Studio provides a comfortable, relaxed setting that encourages great performances from its clients. State-of-the-art recording hardware brings an incredible realism and spaciousness to the the sound. Studio rates are flexible depending on the needs of the project and the client. For more information please contact Ted Brancato at